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“It Is Finished!”

“I am the living one. I died, but look—I am alive forever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and the grave.”  Revelation 1:18 (NLT)

loveThis is a time of year when many people, for the first in some cases, will be given the opportunity to experience the love of Christ through those who are called his own. Let us remember that we are the voice, the hands, the body that is called forth to extend the message that he spoke of so many years ago. The message that is still freeing people to this very day. The message that evokes fear in the enemy even at a whisper. Imagine if the body began to shout and proclaim loudly the beautiful song that is the love flowing from Our Savior. The reason he chose to give his life is to bring this love to our hearts that we would know, see, hear, and extend that same love to one another. I can’t bear to not bow and praise the Almighty for such a gift of love and freedom from the bondage that use to be my life. He stepped into eternity so many years ago and I was on his mind, I was in the balance and he carried my sin upon his back and bore my beating. Then, he proclaimed “It is Finished”!

Come as you areNow here I am before him, undone, undeserving, yet He calls to me and says I am His. So as I contemplate this day after he was buried I am reminded he didn’t simply lay in a tomb but even in death he was at work. He went to the grave and battled for me and all who would call out for his forgiveness and he took those keys for eternity. I am now a recipient, an heir, to that kingdom that he procured through his sacrifice. How can I not bow, how can I not worship him, how could I ever exist without him. I am yours…you are mine! Father, you’re Word brings freedom to me and it ignites a passion to fight for those you love. All who have yet to speak your name, all who have yet to experience your love, all who are at the thresh hold of believing in you finally! I proclaim victory in your name, even now, because you do not fail, you do not abandon, you are relentless Oh God! Search us and find your people ready to move at your command. Draw all men unto you and let us be your hands, feet, voice, and extension of the love that you constantly pour within us, so we can overflow it to all we are blessed to encounter!free in Christ

Lord, I am still a work in progress. I know that I will not be completed until I bow before you and you make me whole. Father, I cry out for those who are searching and ask that you beckon and chase them all with the same relentlessness that you still pursue me with each and every day. I am blessed with each and every word you whisper to me and even in the silent moments I know you are still with me. I am found in you, made complete in you, armed and ready for battle standing forever with you. Lead on Mighty Lion of Judah, I am following after you! Amen.

Love You!


2 thoughts on ““It Is Finished!”

  1. Zariel says:

    AKAIK yo’vue got the answer in one!

    1. Lisa Dittman says:

      Zariel, I love how Angie says she is “undone”. I remember us talking about this (as we talk very often at the local coffee shop *smile*) and when she said she is just completely “undone” by Jesus, I just about fell out of my chair. One big gulp of coffee later, I was left pondering in my mind all that He has done for us. Wow! What grace. What mercy. What love.
      I too wrap myself in the blanket of who He is and what He has done. Which leaves me UNDONE, and completely and beautifully overwhelmed by His love for you and me. (Now, that will leave a lingering smile.)
      Blessings dear one,

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